The contractor sought advice re the surfacing requirements at a Sydney Primary school.

They were required to remove an existing old and inadequate surface and replace it with a new surface that complied with Australian Standards.

Based on the equipment fall heights that were provided to us and having being advised of the make up of the base surface, we were able to indicate to the contractor approximate material depths required to be laid in order to achieve the required Fall Height requirements.

At the completion of the base works we undertook several drop tests around the equipment to ensure the required fall heights could be met.

This allowed the contractor to make any adjustments to the depth of the base PRIOR to laying the topcoat.

Once the topcoat had been laid, we again attended the site and undertook extensive fall height assessments under each individual element on the playground.

A detailed report was prepared that the contractor was then able to provide to their client giving peace of mind to all concerned.