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Performance sport and play aim to provide the playground and sports industry with ‘Best Practice’ systems relating to testing, inspection and management of their sporting and playground assets. We believe in a one stop, easy to operate approach delivered on time. Our online system makes it easy to manage your assets, communicate with our team and access reports and important dates.

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Playground Inspection Services

Delivered by our team of accredited level 3 playground inspectors PSP provide our clients custom designed reports in compliance with AS 4685.0, AS4685. 1-6, AS4685.11.

Comprehensive Inspection

An annual report that outlines in detail the safety and condition of your playground, surfaces and direct surrounding infrastructure. The aim of this inspection is to identify any non-compliant issue and potential hazards with a written report. Using an easy to use risk matrix, it will provide our clients with recommendations

Operational Inspections

Usually delivered every 3–6 months an operational inspection identifies problems with the operation and structural integrity of the playground. Such things as missing parts, loose components, damage to structural members and vandalism etc. Delivered in an easy to read written report using a risk matrix to identify key elements.

Routine/Visual Inspections

A brief inspection to identify any obvious visual issue with your playground. This report points out issues related to vandalism, visually damaged or missing items, surface condition and cleanliness. Delivered in a short-written report.
Independent Advice

Impact Testing

Impact testing and reporting in compliance with AS 4422, using the latest impact testing instruments. Our team of qualified experienced testers produce an accurate, easy to read report for our clients within a guaranteed time frame.

Industry Experience

Asset Management

Understanding and appreciating our clients vision for the facility ensures current and future projects are compliant and result in benefits relative to their goals and financial expectations.

Condition/Compliance Inspections

Performance Sport and Play can evaluate facilities and provide clients with detailed reports covering all aspects of the court’s construction and compliance. Our team is fully conversant with the requirements of various sports governing bodies.

Performance Sport and Play can also assist clients in planning and specifying assets to ensure they meet requirements, before a project goes to tender, thus avoiding expensive blowouts during construction.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance of Playgrounds and sporting assets is a major issue facing facility owners. A proper maintenance and repair schedule can extend an assets life significantly.

Performance Sport and Play can present clients with detailed year on year maintenance plans to ensure the maximum life is achieved from both the surface and the structure

Forward Budgeting

A common theme of facility owners is to utilise the “management by crisis” regime. When a problem arises, there is a mad scramble to find funds, and sometimes, those funds just aren’t available!

Performance Sport and Play have the experience to be able to provide year on year budgets and detailed lifecycle costings to allow proper budget planning and allocation – Before an issue arises.


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